Like a Bad Breakup: When Fashion Houses Clear Instagram Histories for New Designers

As creative directors flee and fill posts at different fashion houses at a rapid rate, some brands are choosing to reflect these big changes on social media in a dramatic way: by deleting their entire account history.

On April 4, Yves Saint Laurent officially announced that Versus Versace designer Anthony Vaccarello would be serving as the luxury brand’s new creative director, replacing Hedi Slimane, who announced on April 1 that he would be departing the company after four years.

Yves Saint Laurent’s team decided that a new creative director called for a clean slate on Instagram: on Wednesday, the company wiped the account, which has 390,000 followers, of all its posts, and added one, a portrait of Vaccarello.

Roy DeYoung, SVP of Creative Strategy, responds, “Deleting the library is ultimately a shortsighted, even tragically damaging, move by the brand. It undermines the brand equity by erasing history on the whim of a new creative director.”

Toni Box, Senior Director of Social Media & Content, adds, “With that said, brands like YSL that have historically embraced fashion as an art-form, have leveraged Instagram as another canvas for expressing their brand journey through compelling and innovative imagery that have resulted in tremendous follower gains.  In my opinion, YSL’s decision to delete its Instagram library sends the wrong signals to its long-term advocates.”

Read the article here in Digiday.

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