Not Another Buzzword, This is What You Can Really Do with Personas

Yesterday officially kicked off the nonprofit industry’s premier tech-centric event, NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference. The program is notoriously created through community-driven votes, based on the widespread variety of topics and insights that attendees are most eager to learn about. This year, our team is fortunate enough to present alongside our client, Sierra Club, during the 1:30 PM Fundraising Track session, “Getting Beyond Susan, the Affluent Boomer: What You Can Really Do with Personas” (#16NTCrealpersonas).

Personas, segments, donor profiles, focus groups – marketing buzzwords that hold a tremendous amount of potential to bring real value to our programs, but often times, a gap exists in how those personas represent a constituent’s complete relationship with, and potential to the organization. By evolving from donor personas to behavioral personas underpinned by constituent value and lifecycle analyses, you can create insights that can guide your acquisition, retention and upgrade strategies.

This approach takes a tremendous amount of collaboration, a sound data environment and complete alignment of internal teams. But achieving results through real actionable personas is within reach!

Intrigued to learn more about the next steps, including how to create an automated custom contact strategy? Tune into our presentation at this year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference!

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