More Influencers, Fewer Posts: How Instagram’s Algorithm Will Affect Fashion Brands

The heyday of organic reach for brands on Instagram is over.

Instagram is switching to an algorithm-based model for its photo stream, putting more pressure on brands to create quality content if they want it to rise to the top of followers’ news feeds.

For fashion brands, Instagram has become the most important social media platform in terms of engagement, with interactions outpacing LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook at a rate of 13 to 1, according to social media analytics firm TrackMaven. They’re also everywhere on the platform: 98 percent of digital think tank L2’s fashion index brands are active on Instagram.

Toni Box, Senior Director of Social Media & Content Services, adds, “With the recent announcement of Instagram’s coming algorithm changes, it will be interesting to see how brands shift their strategies in anticipation of declines in organic reach.  It will especially be interesting to see how the algorithm will weigh engagement actions over one another.   My guess is that with Instagram users being very generous with Instagram ‘likes’ by nature, that actions like comments, which require more effort on the user’s part, will hold a higher weight.  Additionally, frequency of engagement and total number of engaged users as a percentage of total audience reach is certainly going to have an impact on the level of visibility that a brand’s Instagram content is rewarded.”

“Rather than posting more frequently and taking the chance of inundating followers with too much content, my advice would be for brands to strengthen their hashtag strategy (a discovery functionality less common on Facebook) and put a greater emphasis on producing impactful content that is going to continue to break through feeds that are likely to become even more cluttered in the near future. ”

Read the article here in Digiday.

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