Paradysz + PM Digital Begins Its “Rebuild Hope” Effort

Each year, Paradysz + PM Digital has been dedicated in its mission to support several charitable causes. As an organization with a collection of nearly 300 highly skilled and talented people, we believe that truly making a difference comes with the actions we take, and not just how and to what we donate our profits.

While we will continue our ongoing financial support, 2016 is the year when our organization will be taking even greater steps to create positive change in our communities. Today, we are thrilled to launch our Rebuild Hope corporate effort, whereby each associate at Paradysz + PM Digital can devote one additional paid day, or two half days, to helping others. Consistent with our culture, each associate can use this time towards something that they’re personally interested or invested in, so long as it’s direct and hands-on. Collectively, these efforts will generate 300 days per year in which we’ll be intimately involved in creating change, or at the very least, building towards the chance to achieve it.

We believe that with strong support and encouragement, these commitments will only increase, both inside and outside the office. Throughout the year, we will be documenting this initiative in the form of short videos, pictures and personal stories shared by associates. An essential part of the Rebuild Hope program will be to capture and measure the impact we’re making, as it’s our belief that in order to make long-lasting change, we need to create, capture and measure it.

2016 will be a year of many new successes, innovation and growth, but equally as important, it will be a year that we take a stand together to make this world a better place.

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