Budweiser Uncaps Party-Worthy Super Bowl Recipes via Sponsored Social Ads

Budweiser is spiking brand awareness ahead of the Super Bowl by rolling out sponsored advertisements on Facebook featuring recipes for party snacks that consumers can make with the brand’s beer.

The beverage marketer is undoubtedly attempting to appeal to legions of football fans readying themselves for Super Bowl 50, taking place on February 7. The ads entice Facebook users to click on the link to be taken to Budweiser’s official Pinterest page, which showcases party-worthy recipes for meals including beer-battered wings, cheese dip and BBQ pulled pork.

CMO of PM Digital, Mary Beth Keelty, notes, “The Super Bowl is notoriously one of the most anticipated days of the year for advertisers, but as consumers have gone increasingly digital, brands have needed to become much smarter about crafting a cohesive, cross-platform campaign the branches out from the traditional 30-second TV spot on the day of the event.”

“This not only allows it to better monetize its overall social efforts for the Super Bowl, but it gives it major relevancy points for fans looking to brew up some creative recipes for Super Bowl parties and gatherings. It also sets the foundation for longer-term relationships with consumers post-event, which is a key element in building brand advocacy.”

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