Thanksgiving Weekend 2015 Performance Update: Mobile Exceeds Desktop Clicks

Thanksgiving weekend results are in, and the season has started out with a very strong 17% average revenue growth for PM Digital’s retail paid search clients. ComScore’s forecast for this holiday season was a 14% gain Year-over-Year, so we’re hopeful that this trend will continue throughout November and December.  Here is a topline snapshot of PM Digital’s YoY metrics for Thanksgiving – Sunday (11/26-11/29):

Thanksgiving Weekend Chart 1

With both AOV (Average Order Value) and conversion rates flat YoY, the jump in sales is due to the large impression and click volume increases. Mobile also played a critical role in that growth, and percent by device has shifted YOY so that mobile clicks are now exceeding those on desktop. See the chart below for YoY shifts by device:

Thanksgiving Weekend Chart 2

In fact, when looking at the mobile specific results YoY, the topline increases across all metrics are in response to that surge in mobile volume.  Click volume increase for mobile was 93% and came at a higher CPC, as Google disclosed would be the case.  The good news is that conversion rate also increased in a huge way, up 336% this year.  This could be due to a combination of factors, including improved mobile site experience as well as more confidence from consumers to make purchases from their mobile devices. Additionally, many retailers invested in their own smartphone and tablet apps, giving consumers easier and more seamless access to holiday deals on mobile.

Thanksgiving Weekend Chart 3

The proliferation of mobile shopping will continue to be an interesting trend to watch throughout the remainder of the holiday season. Thanksgiving 2014 reflected higher mobile traffic than desktop, so brands and marketers were able to anticipate the trend in preparation for 2015. And with many consumers traveling or using their phones to shop in-store, the mobile channel asserted an even greater dominance in traffic and actual purchases this year. Certainly, we expect it will play a big role in Cyber Monday and weekend shopping, particularly as we get closer to shipping cutoffs. Convenience is key for consumers, and shopping via a mobile device has proven to answer that need. The real takeaway here is that retailers must incorporate mobile into their overall paid search strategy or they may be missing out on a huge opportunity.  

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