Don’t Forget the Basics this Holiday Season

As all seasoned marketing vets know, the Holiday Season is a radically shifting landscape that requires deft hands and constant attention to squeeze out every last drop of revenue. Often, the basic strategies, which are there for a reason, are ignored in favor of new strategies that don’t necessarily move the needle as much as the tried and true methods used the other 10.5 months out of the year. Budget caps and bidding on core brand terms are two such strategies that should not be ignored this Holiday Season.

As long as revenue and ROI are exceeding goals, checking budget caps becomes a crucial daily exercise, especially for those managing clients with flexible budgets that can be increased. Despite remaining the same for months, one mid-tier client recently had a suggestion to increase budget caps nearly $100 a day for 3 consecutive days. And that was a few weeks before Thanksgiving! If you are pacing your budget to concentrate spend on the last few days of the month, or have the flexibility to get as much revenue as possible, it’s worth paying very close attention to budget cap suggestions.

Of equal importance is bidding on your core brand terms, at least on the highest volume days. Savvy competitors use the craziness of the holidays and the overall high volume to ride undetected on the coattails of brand leaders. Bidding on your brand terms, if only on those key days, is an important step in wresting back impression share, as well as being able to control your messaging with sitelinks, ad copy and other extensions.

These particular areas are often overlooked as marketers look at more complex methods to boost revenue, but sometimes getting back to basics can be the most strategic move of all.

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