Q4 Holiday Tune Up’s

Greetings, PM Digital blog readers! We’re about halfway through our 2015 Holiday Planning Guide Series, which means you’re probably busy in the weeds of campaign preparation and execution! We know we are! With holiday fast approaching and your strategy tee’d up to achieve maximum reach of your best customers, now is a great time for some ‘tune-up’ techniques to boost your affiliate campaigns.

  1. Budget More for Holiday: Now that we’re into Q4, your holiday strategy is probably mapped out for the most part. Holiday placements now book up as early as July and August, so planning ahead and budgeting appropriately is key. If you’re still on the lookout for those optimal holiday placements, know that you’ll probably be paying a little bit more at this point in the season. Nonetheless, make sure your brand has a presence in all the right places before the consumer holiday season officially kicks off!
  2. What’s Working: Test your placements prior to Holiday in order to find out what works best. Homepage placement versus email newsletter inclusion? Test it out and determine which combinations have a better ROI and drive more incremental revenue.
  3. Refresh and Repeat: Refresh your content daily, sometimes even multiple times a day. Your product data feeds should be up to date throughout the span of the year, but during holiday, it’s even more critical to ensure that your product and data feeds are fresh. With a much larger number of shoppers who search and convert during the holiday season, having up to date product feeds protects your brand from potentially harmful situations – like if a customer selects an unavailable or out of stock product. This could ultimately damage the relationship with that shopper, which has much greater consequences during the holiday season when customers are referring their favorite brands to friends and family.
  4. Exclusivity Matters: During the holiday season, shoppers often become overwhelmed by all of the offers available to them – sales, promotions and special deals from multiple companies can be distracting, and can make it difficult for your brand to stand out in the crowd. Consider creating exclusive offers that are tailored more carefully for individual shoppers. Studies have shown that even using the word “exclusive” can gain more attention, and it also evokes a sense of urgency in shoppers that they need to take advantage of the offer within a fixed timeframe.
  5. Communication is Crucial: Throughout the busy holiday season, keeping an open line of communication with your affiliates is critical. Consider sending out monthly or weekly newsletters with new offer and link details, and make a note of when the offers will become available. In particular, be sure to communicate specific dates, like “free shipping” or “shipping cutoff”.
  6. Creative Content: Fresh banners throughout the holidays are important, but now is the time to get really creative with both your ad copy and your display. Play up your unique brand messages and give them a special holiday twist that grabs the attention of customers. Providing more relevant and creative content will also help to strengthen the relationship with your affiliate networks, and put you in a better position to be in front of customers with the right message at the right time!

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