Facebook to Test Shopping Feature

The vast impact of mobile had led to a dramatic shift in the way brands and consumers connect. It has also signaled the need for marketers to enhance the overall mobile experience, from engagement and building relationships, to now mobile purchasing. Facebook continues to evolve its platform to form a more intuitive user experience, and has offered a wide range of advertising options that marketers can leverage to better target and engage their audiences. Their most recent play is a deeper dive into ecommerce, specifically geared to make discovering and shopping for products a more seamless process on mobile. Though still in testing phase, Facebook’s centralized Shopping section will give more visibility to a brand’s products, and help to enhance the purchase experience for users. To be truly successful, consumers will need to be able to shift their mindset from “social” to “buying”, which has proven challenging during past attempts at ecommerce; however, this is a viable option for brands of all sizes that want to expand their ecommerce presence on mobile.

In addition to announcing its Shopping bookmark, Facebook is also testing a new group of “Reactions”, or another way to respond to posts other than a simple “like”. Users will now be able to react to posts by friends, advertisers, brands and publishers with a variety of emotions like, “love”, “yay,” “sad,” “angry,” and “wow.” PM Digital CEO, Chris Paradysz, weighs in on the introduction of Reactions: “Six is better than one for those who are paying for Facebook data. But it opens up a whole Pandora’s Box of emotional challenge. There are eight different ways to say ‘wow.’ Whereas before it was ‘like’ or nothing, this will make it less clear, when it comes to using data and information.”

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