Consumers Ready for Full Inboxes During This Holiday Season

The holidays have grown to be a period in time when consumers are, arguably, the most receptive to a brand’s email campaigns. Because they’re looking for insights on promotions, gift recommendations and the hottest trends and products, people are more eager to receive a steady stream of communication. In fact, open rates during the 2013 and 2014 holidays remained stable, and even increased in some cases, despite the dramatic rise in volume. This tells us that our customers are keeping a close watch on their inboxes, on desktop, tablet AND mobile. A more detailed segmentation strategy alongside content optimized for mobile will help to keep engagement with your emails high, and in turn, build more loyalty and boost sales. Take a look at these tips for preparing and executing on a successful holiday email marketing campaign:

1. During the holiday shopping season, website traffic is on the rise. This should be used as an opportunity to give acquisition points extra visibility on your site. Make it as easy as possible for consumers to get in touch and sign up! Create pop overs on your website, and source those records differently in order to gain an accurate understanding of how many new subscribers you acquire over the holiday season months.
2. Now more than ever, customers expect to receive lots of communication from you. Because of this, you have the perfect reason to email the names on your inactive or lapsed lists to try to rekindle the relationship.
3. Series emails are always a fantastic tool to consider, but they can become even more impactful during the holidays when there’s buildup to a specific day(s). Consider a three-part series in which you 1) hint at a special holiday sale, 2) announce the actual sale and 3) send a last chance, “time is running out!” as a final touch in the series. Resend to non-openers along the way, because chances are their inboxes are so crammed that they may have missed the initial message.
4. Customers are always looking for a little extra insight and guidance during holiday. Incorporating gift guides and other helpful content will get customers more engaged with your brand and products, and will take some of the burden off their shoulders for finding the perfect something for that hard-to-gift person.
5. For a broader and more in depth project, consider creating a ‘wish list’ capability that customers can build and share via social media and e-mail. This can help you to expand your own list.
6. Personalization and relevancy is key throughout the entire year, but the holidays is a perfect time to remind your customer how much you care about his or her preferences and interests. Leverage data to offer product recommendations and promotions based not only on someone’s location, but also on their style preferences and personal needs.
7. An important thing to remember is that email is no longer a lone silo. It’s become the cornerstone of multichannel, and with valuable data and insights, email’s integration into mobile, social, display and direct mail campaigns is now a norm that every marketer should embrace. This being said, use your email campaign data to inform your holiday strategy in other channels. Integration and collaboration across the organization is key during the busiest retail season of the year!

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