Why Media Brands are Flocking to Instagram's Expanded Ad Platform

Instagram is kicking its advertising platform into high gear. In addition to new ad formats like the 30-second video ad and premium product, Marquee, the social app is also opening up ad offerings to all companies across 30 different countries. PM Digital CMO, Mary Beth Keelty, discusses the potential for companies looking to enhance their mobile advertising strategies via Instagram:

Mobility is often what drives consumers today, and Instagram is growing faster than any other digital ad category. It’s a platform very much native to the mobile setting, perhaps making it a more intuitive place reach users with advertising campaigns, as long as they’re tailored to the correct audiences. More importantly, the app’s users have a unique “intent” – to explore creativity and creative expression, to share real-time moments and to gain inspiration through other artistic fields like photography and videography. The new 30 second ads (the length of a standard tv spot) will give advertisers a larger degree of creative freedom with their content, combined with access to Facebook’s critical targeting capabilities and wealth of data. If the necessary production budget is available, along with the right creative strategy, these new ads can be a big win for niche brands. The brands that can capture consumers through genuine, human connection and creative thinking will be most successful here. They need to remember it’s a much softer “sell”. 

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