Pinterest Pushes Visual Search Optimization to Bring In Search Ad Dollars

Pinterest continues to establish that it does in fact have a place in the advertising world, alongside key social media players Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. We’ve witnessed its steady transformation from the consumer viewpoint – first a ‘scrapbooking sensation’ and now a venue for product and idea discovery, in fashion, food, travel, art and other areas of high consumer interest. And we are starting to see real engagement happen. More recently, Pinterest has taken a bolder step forward into the advertising spotlight – additions like Cinematic Pins and Buyable Pins have demonstrated the network’s desire to be recognized as an important partner for advertisers and brands.

Toni Box, Senior Director of Social Media & Content Services at PM Digital, notes that Pinterest has placed a tremendous focus on developing a very intelligent search platform over the past year – with expanded efforts into image recognition technology, gender-customized results and Pinterest-guided search. All of this aids in enhanced search discovery, relevancy and a better consumer experience. Box notes,

“Pinterest is progressively becoming more search engine-like, not only with its continued platform enhancements, but also based on user behavior alone.   More and more people are flocking to Pinterest to search for their next living room sofa or pair of fall boots…which is likely to convert to a sale…especially for the brand who has an optimized presence, including keywords, compelling imagery, and rich pins, and even more so if they have invested in promoted pins for greater audience reach.”

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  • Jessica Kaur

    Pinterest had made lot of changes and giving nice updates every month. Online marketing is so advance now a days, so we have to update and follow the new updates coming from social media platforms.
    Thanks pm digital for sharing

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