Say Hello to Alphabet Inc. – Responses from PM Digital Thought Leaders

Was anyone surprised to hear Google’s latest news yesterday evening? As we have learned, the company isn’t just making a name change, but creating an entirely renovated operating structure under its new umbrella company, Alphabet Inc. Over its fairly short lifespan, we’ve seen explosive growth from Google, and a unique dedication to the tech-driven, disruptive mindset that could bring forth innovation far beyond the advertising and search business. Speaking of its search business, that part of the company will remain under its original Google name, while other entities like Google Ventures, Google X, Nest, Fiber and Calico will remain separate. It seems that the ‘slimmed down’ Google can focus on, what we as marketers have known to be its core business; while conversely, key Alphabet executives can continue to push progress in the tech giant’s other lines of innovation and products.

We checked in with two of our industry thought leaders to get their views on the big move:

Google has grown considerably by acquiring and developing non-search-related businesses for years (Nest Labs, various robotics and even aerospace companies, etc.). Since the Google brand name has become synonymous with searching the web – “Googling” – it makes perfect sense that the organization needed an umbrella organization that doesn’t constrain shareholders’ perceptions of the brand to search only. This gives the public entity room to develop their holdings without the built-in constraints of belonging to what’s perceived to be a search engine development company.

Companies often do this – in a smaller-scale example, we recently saw our client Sperry migrate away from to so they’re not perceived as “just” the manufacturer of Top Siders®.”Clay Cazier, VP Natural Search Strategy

“Google’s ingenuity is good for our clients, but it also lights up other media partners’ innovations and growth. We really love the intense focus on their key growth area. It brings organizational passion and intellectual horsepower. They have brilliant minds across all levels, from low to high. This move gets everyone tied to a more singular cause.

Consumers are getting savvier, faster. Ultimately, there needs to be more solutions around leveraging growth through consumer behavioral insights.”Chris Paradysz, CEO


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