Reach for the Peak: Bridge Conference Blog Series

Next week, the 10th Annual Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference will be held in Oxon Hill, Maryland. One of the year’s largest nonprofit events, Bridge showcases nationally and internally renowned speakers, and offers a wide variety of educational tracks and sessions for nonprofit marketers. This year, Paradysz + PM Digital is a proud sponsor of these insightful programs, and our own Bethany Maki acted as a session dean for the Digital track. 2015 pulls in some of the most critical themes for nonprofit marketing – it’s clear that we, as an industry, have made huge strides in embracing cutting edge digital strategies that bring new levels of success to our fundraising programs.

Our own team approaches this year, and this conference in particular, with both fresh leadership and a newly innovative vision for the nonprofit sector. Through the synergy of Paradysz and PM Digital, we have grown to offer our clients a truly balanced and integrated program of offline and online strategies. As the donor population evolves in this increasingly omnichannel landscape, the right tools, technologies and campaigns are needed to build more valuable donor relationships and achieve maximum performance.

To complement the powerful themes of the Bridge Conference, Paradysz + PM Digital will be sharing a blog series aimed to offer strategic guidance for marketers, as we continue to make this bold transition into nonprofit of the future. The series will offer insights on topics such as:

Gift Optimization & Donor Data – how a more complete understanding of your donors can optimize longer term value and loyalty

The Paradysz Universe Solution – how to expand your donor universe, and reach the right audiences through new list-sourcing strategies

Digital Trends in Nonprofit – how we continue to think more creatively, socially and analytically across all of the digital channels

We look forward to seeing everyone at Bridge next week!

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