More CSE Consolidation: Connexity Grabs PriceGrabber

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Last week, our teams received word from PriceGrabber that it had been acquired by Connexity (rebranded from former price comparison website, Shopzilla). This is important news for retail, as it means almost total consolidation of the Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE) space. With last month’s acquisition of, and now the addition of PriceGrabber, Connexity has the consumer data, ecommerce technology and advanced resources to make it second only to Google as the largest retail lead-gen channel.

It’s clear Connexity seeks to build a more holistic solution compatible with merchants and consumers alike. With the acquisition of key technologies and publisher networks, the company is continuing down its path towards a better CSE solution. The move also reflects Connexity’s intent to be a technology-driven and data-focused service, giving performance marketers access to a substantial pool of valuable customer insights. But while integration is happening, merchants and marketers are left wondering, “How will this actually affect me?” Here are three enhancements that the combined forces of Connexity and PriceGrabber will ultimately bring:

Streamlined Campaigns:

Over the upcoming months, PriceGrabber’s capabilities will be fully integrated into the singular Connexity network. And through Connexity, merchants will now have total access to several selling platforms in one place. Instead of working across platforms with scattered ROI management, merchants will have one ‘control center’ for optimizing their campaigns.

Stronger Buyer Network:

This acquisition brings merchants a much wider network of buyers, which means larger distribution and revenue opportunities.

More Consumer Insights:

With PriceGrabber, merchants will have access to tens of millions of high intent shoppers, pulling data from sites like Yahoo and and More consumers means more valuable data.

What can merchants do during this transition? For now, it’s important to continue optimizing campaigns through Connexity and PriceGrabber, until the integration period is complete. Look out for notes from your account managers on both platforms, as they will keep you in the loop about any further developments.

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