Spotlight: Hot Brand of the Month – Kate Spade New York

Each month, PM Digital releases a Social Brand Index that reports on over 750 of the top performing retailers across social media. In conjunction with this popular data, we are kicking off our “Hot Brand of the Month” series, a blog devoted to shining some spotlight on the brands that inspire us through compelling, engaging marketing tactics, which prove to win fans over time and time again.

To start off the series, we’d like to recognize Kate Spade New York, a brand that is clearly taking the content game very seriously, and is achieving some major customer recognition for it. The Kate Spade New York brand not only delivers a single, unified experience across ever channel, but it’s also building critical relationships with an audience of savvy and connected followers– a valuable omnichannel approach that is worth taking a note of.

The fashion and accessories brand stepped up its strategy when it recently signed American actress, Anna Kendrick, to star in its ad miniseries, “#Missadventures”. Kendrick has become the new face of Kate Spade’s bright, playful and feminine summer collection. The brand was smart to capitalize on her adorably quirky, charming personality that a large group of its audience already adores. The series captures the #missadventures of a “madcap heroine” – in other words, Kendrick finds herself in a chain of hilariously misfortunate events, all while sporting a fabulous wardrobe of Kate Spade clothing and accessories. The ad campaign strategy in itself is compelling, but perhaps even smarter is the fact that everything in the video series is “shop-able”, effectively weaving together the world of video ads, social media and ecommerce. Kate Spade is making valuable connections with fans, and they’ve proven to be the connections that ultimately convert.

The series has had a tremendously positive response on social media. And the “shop-able” feature creates a seamless pathway for women all across the country who have said, “I want that scarf!” and “I NEED that bag!” to Kate Spade’s ecommerce site, where they can actually make the purchase. Pretty impressive thinking!

Succeeding in every content marketer’s value proposition, Kate Spade New York has been able to master the art of storytelling, complimented by beautiful content that conveys its brand values and personality. This is certainly something that every brand should take notice of. Cheers to Kate Spade, and be sure to look out for our June Hot Brand of the Month!

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