The World Has Changed – Is Your Marketing Approach Keeping Up?

Today at directXchange by NEMOA, Paradysz + PM Digital will explore the new standards of today’s omnichannel world. We all know that today’s audiences demand multi-channel, multi-device experiences, but how do we, as marketers facilitate these shifting demands? Audiences want comprehensive experiences without breakage points, as this will allow them to seamlessly interact with brands on their own terms. But for years, marketers have built up separate silos of experiences that have made this transition toward seamlessness difficult. The only way to truly break down these self-imposed barriers and deliver all-inclusive, omnichannel experiences, is to implement an audience-centric approach to every practice and campaign.


Paradysz + PM Digital’s Andrea Timmerman and Michael McVeigh will share real life case studies that discuss the growing importance of multichannel, audience-driven marketing. They will also discuss how a proactive approach to attribution modeling is an important component to any cross-channel marketing program, both online and offline. Through the implementation of custom dashboards, brands now have access to a snapshot of the performance of marketing campaigns by aggregating the KPIs essential to monitoring your business.

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