Twitter Flies the Nest

Amid Wall Street’s growing concern over Twitter’s stagnant growth, Twitter is tackling its growth concerns head on. Last week the social network introduced initiatives that will expand its presence beyond the platform and onto the SERP and third-party sites.

Google and Twitter Team Up

Google and Twitter agreed on a new partnership in which tweets will now surface among search results on Google’s SERP; users will now have the ability to instantly search tweets via Google’s search engine. Despite the network’s underwhelming user growth, Twitter is sticking to its aspirational $14 billion revenue target by 2024. In order to achieve this feat, the company has been focusing on diversifying its revenue stream- and an expanded presence on the Google SERP will definitely facilitate growth. With more discoverability behind every tweet, the earned media potential of branded Twitter campaigns increases in spades.

Third-Party Promotion

Additionally, Twitter also announced the recent expansion of promoted tweets to third party sites and apps. Flipboard and Yahoo Japan are among the early participants in this initiative to monetize Twitter outside of the Twitter platform. Brands who run promoted campaigns on Twitter can leverage this development to reach more audiences on Flipboard and more.

Twitter is fighting hard to stay in the social game and these developments, along with their recent native video player launch and talks of further algorithm changes, have the potential to prove to advertisers that their channel is worth the investment.  The level of success that Twitter is able to garner in 2015 will definitely determine if they have what it takes to continue to stay in the social media race.  With referrals and conversions down, brands are starting to question if the channel is worthwhile.

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