Twitter Climbs the Video Ranks for JCPenney’s Holiday Campaign

A year ago any brand choosing to invest in Twitter video campaigns over YouTube campaigns would have seemed laughable. But thanks to some key strides Twitter has made in recent months to enhance their video footprint, brands are now starting to recognize Twitter as a bonafide player in the video landscape.

JCPenney is one brand that has come to realize the power that videos on Twitter can efficiently amass. The retailer tapped Twitter for their holiday campaign “Just Got Jingled” and based on their success, will likely be turning to Twitter for future video ventures as well. The campaign, which filmed surprised holiday shoppers as they received gifts from random strangers, cost JCP only $0.04 for every view. JCPenney executed a promoted tweet with the video, targeting Twitter users based on their shopping profiles and drove more than 3 million views. Additionally, the campaign also garnered 13 million organic views from Twitter users who repurposed the content without the promoted hashtag.


source: Marketing Land

So, what can other brands learn from JCPenney’s Twitter success?

  • Twitter as a network has inherent real-time value. The space has the tremendous advantage of being able to insert promoted messaging into relevant conversations in real time; in this case, the holidays, which is a huge opportunity on Twitter, especially when targeting bargain seekers who are relying on Twitter content to find deals.
  • Designating a hashtag, in this case – #JustGotJingled – associated with the campaign allowed for greater earned media opportunities for JCPenney.
  • Content that encourages engaged actions (retweets, mentions) on Twitter allow for greater campaign visibility within user feeds. Social audiences love campaign content that highlights the spirit of generosity, especially around the holidays, and as a result, users were more than happy to share this message of good will from a brand.
  • Drive Interest through Celebrity Influencers: JCPenney extended this natively social campaign beyond smartphone screens with the help of celebrities Ellen DeGeneres and John Stamos. Ellen even went so far as to bring the #JustGotJingled theme of surprising strangers with holiday gifts on to her shows. In this multi-platform environment, it’s imperative to extend campaigns beyond their original homes. Consumers today shop, travel and watch television all with a smartphone in hand, and a multi-dimensional campaign can ensure more valuable impressions. Following along the same lines as celebrity involvement, extending participation to social media personalities and influencers is an incredibly impactful way to ensure that the right audiences are seeing specific campaigns.
  • While the promoted videos serves as the foundation of the campaign, JCPenney strengthened awareness through organic messaging. Organic messaging tying back to the #JustGotJingled theme helped the brand maintain momentum throughout the season. to continue campaign momentum throughout duration of campaign.

Twitter’s recent developments and partnerships will likely generate a greater emphasis on content strategy tailored for Twitter in the coming months – especially given their new alliance with Google, in which tweets will now surface within search engine results. With Twitter real estate on the SERP, brands have a significant opportunity to highlight real-time content, such as Twitter videos, for a far-reaching audience.

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