Paid Search Holiday Recap

Many retailers already have Holiday 2015 on their minds. The best way to plan for next year’s success is to take a look at some of the numbers that defined the 2014 shopping season. Our latest infographic, Paid Search Holiday Recap, breaks down the paid search and ecommerce performance, by day, over the source of the 2014 Holiday Season.

Paid Search, including Google Shopping ads and Text Ads, continues to be a primary drive of ecommerce sales. An overall growth of 13% was largely driven by great success with Google Shopping Ads and an increased use of mobile phones in search processes.




2014 Holiday Shopping – By the Numbers:

  • Overall Holiday SEM Sales: 13% YOY
  • Mobile SEM Sales: 284% YOY
  • Google Shopping Ad Sales (formerly PLAs): 41% YOY

To see how ecommerce, SEM and Mobile SEM grew YOY on the key shopping dates, including Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday, check out our Paid Search Holiday Recap infographic.

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  • Robin Ooi

    I think Google Shopping is competing heavily with Amazon…having said that Amazon is still huge in the ecommerce industry & no-one seem to be able to compete with them in terms of technology & product offerings….

    My 2 c.

    Robin Ooi

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