News You Can Use – February 27, 2015

February 27, 2015
The clock is ticking for Apple Watch
Apple has been known to put on quite a show when it comes to product launches, and the long-awaited Watch arrival is shaping up to be no less exciting, or dramatic. This week, Apple issued media invites for an event titled, “Spring Forward,” set to take place Monday, March 9 – the day after Daylight Savings. Their subtle hint at time did not go unnoticed, and marketers are already speculating on some of the features of the Watch that will be announced.
Brands address #TheDress
One color confused dress managed to captivate the internet, break Buzzfeed records and of course, instigate branded real-time tweets. As usual, some brands’ additions to the trending conversations were entertaining, while others fell flat. Everyone from Lego to Guinness chimed in with their own punny takes on white and gold vs. blue and black.
Pinterest plans multi-pin carousel
Why pin one when you can pin many? That seems to be Pinterest’s new mantra after announcing that the platform will offer social marketers a multi-pin carousel. Now, marketers will be able to leverage multiple images per promoted pin. This product announcement comes amid heavy speculation that Pinterest is also gearing up to launch a Buy Button.
Facebook launches Ads Manager app
Facebook has long acknowledged its mobile-dominant audience, but what about its advertisers? This week, Facebook made the lives of ad managers more mobile and convenient. With the launch of the Ads Manager app, marketers can now upload, edit and track ads anywhere and anytime.
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