The Hidden Power of Suggestion in Risk-Taking

To make it in fashion one must take risks. Designers must find a new perspective, hone a unique voice, and, every season open their collections up to outside ideas and influences. In my latest contribution for Luxury Daily, I offered my insights on the Hidden Power of Suggestion in Risk-Taking. Drawing upon search data, I explore the ways in which designers could, and should, leverage existing consumer data within their collection forecasts. While in pursuit of the new and the bold, designers must also be mindful of the trends and styles that are driving consumers’ tastes today.

Here are a few intriguing search trends and charts that may surprise designers:

Designer Belts

Over the course of 11 months, (February 2014 – January 2015), increasingly accelerated search traffic for “Designer Belts” grew nearly 100%. With designer brands making their logos more prominent, belts are a perfect extension. Search data had already revealed progressive growth rates in mid-2013. Imagine the increased demand that could have been generated if this data point was considered in seasonal trend forecasting and planning meetings.


Leather Backpack

Searches for “Leather Backpack” are also trending upward, although the growth rates are the highest for the NYC region. Geo-targeted search data could open up incremental selling here, too.




Wedge Heels, Platform Heels

In contrast, interest in “Wedge Heels” and “Platform Heels” appears to be fading. Contrasting this trend, the Container Store recently launched a “Tall Shoe Box,” via email. They’re likely to feel the decline later than shoe merchants as storage is a more stable, steady product category, but the numbers suggest this drop may continue. As earlier demonstrated by “Miranda Priestly,” fashion trends’ trickle-down effect have the power to influence related industries, not just the merchants who bring them to market. As search interest wanes for sky-high heels, The Container Store’s new “Tall Shoe Box” could fall short of expectations.



Search insights can be used for more than just reacting to trends. Through leveraging current search statistics, designers have the opportunity to stay in sync with the ebbs and flow of their target consumers’ shopping interests. While search insights might not play a role in typical fashion design conversations, these insights offer designers – in an increasingly competitive marketplace- the opportunity to stay relevant.

For more, please check out the full version of The Hidden Power of Suggestion in Risk-Taking on Luxury Daily today.


*Trends for the following key terms were pulled from Google Trends. The search interest is tracked by time (year) versus the search index, or percentage of all searches. The search index is on a scale from 0-100, 100 being the point where the search interest peaks.


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