Facebook Product Ads

Facebook recently announced the beta launch of Dynamic Product Ads and this new initiative is a definite game changer for Facebook advertisers. However, it is not yet clear when Dynamic Product Ads will be available for the masses. While there is a waiting period for Dynamic Product Ads, Facebook advertisers can and should leverage the already available Product Ads on Facebook.

Products Ads are Facebook’s own version of Google Shopping Ads. Product Ads support direct response marketers who have multiple products they would like to promote and will slowly be rolled out to all advertisers in the coming weeks.

Here is a breakdown of Facebook’s current Product Ads’ capabilities:

  • Product Ads are designed for direct response objectives, multi-product ads showcase 3-5 products within a single ad unit that’s in-stream on Facebook native ads across any device.
  • Each product highlighted has its own image, description and click target that directs people off of Facebook to a specific location on an advertiser’s website.



  • Multi-product ads can work with any of the Facebook targeting options, including custom audience to showcase products (up to 5) within a single ad unit, on desktop or mobile. Each product highlighted will have its own image, description and click target.
  • Use product imagery when targeting people who have visited products on your website or potential prospects and test different creative strategies such as storytelling, product imagery, lifestyle imagery or create a theme for images in the multi-product ad.
  • Clients can also consider aligning their email campaigns to promote same theme/products on Facebook.


If you have any questions on implementation or optimizations of Facebook Product Ads, please contact PM Digital’s Display Team today. Also, be sure to stay tuned for our upcoming breakdown of Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads.

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