And the Award goes to THE NORTH FACE

Congratulations to The North Face on their eTail West Best-In-Class Search Award win. For the fifth year in a row, eTail recognized ecommerce and multichannel retailers cross four major categories: Email, Search, Social and Mobile. This year, The North Face was nominated for their Winter Weather Targeting search campaign test.

Just before Halloween weekend 2014, weather anchors started reporting news of major storms and freezing temperatures expected to hit across several states that weekend. With that in mind, The North Face proactively optimized their paid online media and search campaigns to reflect the weather conditions and to prepare those in affected areas.

Armed with the knowledge that many consumers would not be prepared for such drastic conditions at that time of the year, The North Face sought to maximize their brand exposure in 10 states that were predicted to be most affected by storms and cold temperatures. To achieve this, the brand optimized their messaging to be even more winter weather focused throughout the markets that were forecasted to be hit hard.

The North Face brand’s ability to make their campaigns relevant to real-time conditions and accurately geo-target customers resulted in increased conversion rates, ROI and staggering YOY sales increases.

Congratulations on a successful campaign and well-deserved win!

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