Programmatic Progress: A Renewed Focus on Audiences and ROI

A seasonal programmatic media recap.

As a standalone channel, programmatic media is increasingly becoming a more integral part of the media mix. This trend is likely not fleeting and more brands will continue to depend on programmatic media to generate sales and drive new customers efficiently. On the more complex end of the spectrum, the integration of CRM, social data, search data, and online behavioral data allows for insights, targeting, and measurement to determine the real power in the channel. Most marketers have been sitting on valuable CRM data for years, and many of those data signals haven’t been fully optimized as of yet.

Some of the early adopters among PM Digital’s retail clients have been aggregating their rich offline retail data (first- or third-party, or both) based on reach, recency and frequency segments, resulted in 30%-40% increase in ROI vs. control segments to date in December 2014. The ability to serve banners to current and/or lapsed customers, and find look-a-like prospects based on that modeled customer data, combined with a streamlined group of strategic media partners was the key component to successfully achieving sales goals this year.

In 2015, we will see a proliferation of larger-scale brands leveraging their customer relationship management (CRM) data assets to build on their marketing programs. This trend is indicative of the industry-wide and decades-long progression away from mass marketing to focus on reaching an audience target and profiling individual customers using a data-driven analytical approach. As consumers are targeted in new environments, such as on their smartphones and tablets, we’re likely to see a reinvention of the standard ad units and more sophisticated integration with new platforms that deliver a comprehensive branded experience.

Trends don’t emerge out of thin air, and also cannot be predicted with 100% accuracy. However, thanks to a Holiday season fueled by programmatic media performance I would make an educated bet that programmatic will expand beyond paid media and would start tapping into brand dollars.

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