Holiday Homestretch: Where We Are & What’s Left

We’re here – the final big week of the online holiday shopping season. Thursday, December 18th is the industry’s Free Shipping Day,  which marks the unofficial end to guaranteed delivery by Christmas. So looking back over the course of the season, how is online retail performance shaping up? Thanks to a strong push Thanksgiving day through Cyber Monday, the season started off with tremendous growth for PM Digital’s retail paid search clients. While growth volume has slowed, paid search is still showing an average of 15%  revenue and order growth year over year for the season to date. Impressions have shown great growth – up 28% year over year – so we’ll prepare a thank you note to Product Ads/Google Shopping Campaigns for that one. Undoubtedly, when we look back at the details of this Holiday season, Product Ads will be a critical piece of the growth story.

We are expecting this week to show a bit of a rebound in year over year revenue volume growth, as the sense of urgency builds and inclines us all to finish up orders online. Mobile exposure in paid search becomes increasingly important this week too, as PM Digital reported that during Holiday 2013, Free Shipping Day was our third largest revenue day on mobile (after Cyber Monday and Black Friday, of course).  This year clients have increased focus and spend on mobile, and conversion rates are up. Some clients have even already had their mobile moment this year – defined by Google as the date that mobile searches on brand terms exceed search volume on desktop computers. Every year has been coined “the year of mobile”, but when all is said and done, we do expect Holiday 2014 to truly live up to the hype.

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