Black Friday /Cyber Monday 2014, Where’s the Action?

A seasonal programmatic display recap through 12/4/14

Programmatic display has received a lot of attention in the recent years as it offers the promise of achieving a positive ROI through display. For those direct response advertisers capping out on SEM, experimenting with programmatic display through Google Display Network, and the likes of Criteo, was a natural extension of their display businesses. There is a vast universe of programmatic partners out in the market today with the capabilities to provide a more sophisticated approach outside of remarketing. Dedicated programmatic partners have been gaining steam in the last 12 – 24 months, and advertisers have been jumping on their band wagons with full enthusiasm. According to eMarketer, 2014 has seen the most dramatic growth and expansion in programmatic advertising.



So how did programmatic display advertising fare for our clients during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping frenzy? The bulk of our retail clients leveraging programmatic display saw a definite lift in CTR as a result of holiday promotions on remarketing strategies, however CTR within holiday prospecting campaigns remained somewhat flat. Additionally, most of our clients running programmatic display campaigns saw a significant rise in CPM based on the high competition to win the bids for impressions. So unfortunately, the gains in CTR during the holiday weekend were somewhat negated by the increase cost in media along with somewhat flat conversion rate on clicks.  But measuring display performance holistically, with view attribution in place, we saw a spike of 5 – 30% in overall conversions during those key dates.

Now, for those retail clients leveraging Facebook advertising, particularly News Feed advertising, ALL had tremendous success and saw double-digit ROIs on direct click orders. With an active user base of 1.32 billion monthly users, and an average time spent of 40 minutes a day, Facebook has our attention! Our clients saw a 200%+ spike in CPM during this first holiday week (we saw CPM in the $35 – $40 range!),as well as double-digit conversion rates on click orders; running News Feed ads with special holiday promotions created some holiday magic for our clients!

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