The New Age of Content

Content is still king, but it is changing – and today, the consumer has more control than ever before. 2014 has been a year like no other for redefining the meaning and value of content–and what business will pay for it. In the traditional sense, “content” just means words, even words on paper or screen. Analog or digital books, magazines, and newspapers qualify, too, but sites focused on specific interests can easily be boxed in with how most now define content today.

From bloggers and vloggers to social media personalities, new media is driving a content revolution that shifting every customer touch point and every brands’ approach to consumer engagement. Content needs to meet increasingly higher expectations that offer consumers either convenience, intrigue, customization–or all of the above.

Chris Paradysz shared his thoughts on this new wave of content with –  check out his entire article on consumer-driven content here.


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