New Survey: 2 out of 5 Consumers Prefer to Read Original Content Directly from a Company Blog

Even as we are increasingly engaging with highly visual digital experiences and interacting with content on multiple devices, whether to get things done, or just find out more about a place, product, or promotion, we find blogs continue to be a draw.

They are one of the strongest components of our content marketing strategies and programs in delivering results for clients. This is consistent with the finding from a new survey developed by the team at WP Engine# and fielded by TNS.

They found that 62 percent of Americans want to see content directly from their favorite brands. Among the preferred types of content are:

  • 44 % tips on using a brand’s products
  • 34% stories from customers like themselves
  • 18.6 % anything that does not blatantly “sell” a company’s products

While 96 percent of consumers do not want to see stories about how celebrities use a company’s products, when we conduct audience and user research, we find that people want to explore what other people like them say about a company’s products and services. Product ratings and reviews are still going strong, including the less stellar ones. Why? Because they are rich with qualitative data about an experience and help people close the intention-action gap faster.

Nearly half of respondents like to find out about new products and read original content by going directly to the blogs of their favorite brands, rather than a news magazine or website:

  • 46% of consumers say they read the blogs of their favorite brands
  • 48% feel that it’s important for a brand to include brand content on their blog to assure most up-to-date information (32%), and give brands a voice (15%)
  • 40% believe there are negative effects if brands do not provide content on their blogs to prevent losing communication with customers and keeping the brand more relevant
  • 40% prefer to read content directly from a company blog rather than a news magazine or website
  • 52% prefer to go directly to the company website for content about the brand, vs. 25% going to social media and 22% to third-party articles
  • 60% want to see content directly from brands, including articles on important issues (27%) and research on the company’s industry (16%)


The content featured on Tory Burch’s blog has facilitated the website’s progression from just ecommerce to ecommerce + lifestyle content provider. Tory Burch fans and customers frequent this destination for inspiration, insight and tips, seamlessly incorporating the style of the brand within aspirational culture.

According to the WP Engine survey, favorite content on blogs includes articles on important issues (27%), research on the company’s industry (16%) and funny stories (12%).


Survey Source: WP Engine, May 2014

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