An Investment in Optimization Pays the Best Creative Interest

It no longer suffices to just be creative. Deploying eye-popping, witty, conversation-starting campaigns will only get you so far in this day in age. Now, creative must be married to integrated optimization to ensure the actual value of creative efforts is attained. It’s entertaining, but also tragic, to think of how many brands carry out clever and interesting campaigns that initially instigate WOM buzz, only to soon fall flat from the lack of optimization and measurement. Every year brands invest significant amounts of revenue in SEM, SEO, advertising, email and direct response to drive traffic to action-oriented experiences. Yet these experiences are often muddled by complexities made through scattered and divided practices, motives and rigor. Lack of cross-channel integration, often leads to lack of communication among practices – which will dilute campaign results. Optimization across channels and practices is the key to correcting these systematic flaws, and increasing efficiency and quality of experience.

When we optimize brand touch points across channels, we set a diagnostic approach as the foundation of the work. Starting with the data, we can draw inferences around customer engagement and behaviors, including: eye tracking, proximity design and structure, visual hierarchy, mobile and device access, click through rate, form completion, unsubscribe rates, usability, persona and geographical relevance, path integrity.

The focal point of this approach is the customer journey – as an inadequate customer experience at any touch point hurts the overall cycle, consequently resulting in poor ROI. Sometimes, it takes a village to influence conversion, and as a result, every practice and every facet of a creative campaign needs to operate in tandem to facilitate the journey toward conversion. When effectively implemented, each component of a cross-channel creative effort builds upon the other to strengthen the overall message.

A convincing campaign extends far beyond the overarching visuals and messaging, and promotes key influential factors that simultaneously convey brand intent and resonate with consumer wants and needs through:

  • Clarity of the content and design
  • Persuasiveness of the path to encourage conversion
  • Trustworthiness of the experience to ease the user’s apprehensions
  • Quality of overall user experience

An investment in optimization ensures that you observe, understand and implement your creative data to maximize engagement opportunities throughout every facet of the customer ecosystem.


This level of adherence to both content and customer within SEM, SEO, email, advertising and direct evokes a stronger consumer connection, not only to the campaign itself, but the brand behind the campaign. Creative campaign practices are in the midst of a revival, and those brands that can place optimization at the center will emerge as clear winners.

Recognizing the interplay between channels within the customer ecosystem is paramount to leveraging customer attribution and the ways in which each touch point can influence, encourage and engage.

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