News You Can Use – April 4, 2014

April 4, 2014
Maryland legislation questions ethics behind current retail tracking practices
Maryland State Legislation recently voted to pass a new consumer protection bill: Behavior and Shopping Habits – Required Notice. As products like Apple’s iBeacon gain prominence, many consumers are not aware that their location and behaviors are being tracked, and while some enjoy timely promotions, others may feel violated. If passed, the bill would require retailers to display notification of tracking technologies, as well as instructions for those customers who may choose to opt out.
Google integrates Nielsen Ratings in DoubleClick platform
Nielsen’s online campaign ratings will now officially be incorporated into Google’s DoubleClick. Following a long trial period, the integration legitimizes Nielsen’s TV ratings as more advertisers are focusing their attentions and budgets on video audiences. The integration will occur concurrently with the addition of Comscore’s VCE ratings within DoubleClick so that Google can negotiate video deals using both sets of data.
Siri, meet Cortana
In an attempt to keep up with Siri and Google Now, Microsoft is reportedly launching its own virtual assistant platform, Cortana. Mixing the best of both Apple and Siri’s products, Cortana is capable of responding to user questions and syncing to reminders and calendar dates on the smartphone. Additionally, Cortana can pull in search related content and reviews from Yelp.
Bing boosts Satori
Bing looks to increase the power and reach of Satori, its semantic search engine, through the addition of snapshot results. The snapshots encompass 150 million new entities, or search queries, to Bing’s extensive database, including areas like “doctors” and “real estate properties”. Each entity result provides more than just links, but relevant and related background information to give searchers a comprehensive understanding of the topic.
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