The Google Change that Wasn’t

We’ve gotten used to big announcements from Google – we are well trained to expect one a year.  In 2012 Product Listing Ads went from a free to a paid model, in 2013 it was the monstrous Enhanced Campaigns transition, and since the transition to Google Shopping Campaigns is not a game changer, we thought maybe this announcement was the big one of 2014: Google brings ‘Not Provided’ to paid ads  .

But despite all the worry, chatter, and speculation around what Google will do with paid search query data – and the fact that Google’s own statement wasn’t necessarily easily absorbed on first glance-  the moral of the story is this: there will be no change in how PM Digital and its technology partners manage paid search and access search queries. Quite simply: we use Google Adwords, and the Adwords API, to retrieve search query data, not Google Analytics, so we’re all set. There are implications for marketers that use GA for their search query data, but they too have alternative ways of retrieving that data via Adwords.

Earlier this year, PM Digital declared the official “end to the Enhanced Campaign transition” – we can do the same here, as well. Search query data from paid clicks is alive and well, no matter which search technology you work on with PM Digital.

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