Defining and Refining Customer Connection

Shaping the brand experience to reflect the customer’s journey remains a marketing challenge, as each touch point influences user experience.  Understanding user intent, and determining how to mine data to serve this intent, should drive every brand decision.  However, many brand still fail to effectively utilize existing brand data across channels to further uncover customer insights. To remain relevant throughout the sales journey, brands must take the essential steps needed to facilitate organic awareness, acquisition and advocacy through the integration of SEO and segmentation.

The key to comprehensive lifecycle optimization is developing an understanding of consumer behaviors at each stage, and furthermore, the intent driving those behaviors. With this insight as the foundation, brands can produce relevant content that not only increase brand awareness, but also maximizes SEO and SEM relevancy to increase SEO rankings and SEM quality score. To optimally create content relevancy and, subsequently, brand awareness along each stage of the cycle brands must:

  •  Apply search data from Google/Bing contributes to your knowledge of consumers’ behaviors; this data can offer comprehensive insight into the customer’s journey to help you create content that resonates with customers at each stage.
  •  Comprehensively integrate SEO and SEM throughout the customer lifecycle, as either channel cannot optimally perform independent of the other at any stage.
  •  Leverage strategies to effectively position your brand identity so that it resonates with customer intent at every point along the journey.


For  more on Defining and Refining Customer Connection through optimization of the customer journey, stay tuned for Richard Chavez’s latest presentation from ClickZ New York.

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