News You Can Use – March 07, 2014

March 07, 2014
Yahoo Eliminates Option to Sign in via Google, Facebook
In an effort to secure privacy and user data, Yahoo announced that users will now need a Yahoo ID to gain access to all of the company’s services. Marketers suspect that the move will also facilitate Yahoo’s ad targeting capabilities. SVP of search products at Yahoo once stated that a log-in with a Yahoo ID connects all searches across devices, and this mandatory log-in will now streamline Yahoo’s cross-device targeting process.

Drones May Drive Facebook’s
Facebook inquired about Titan Aerospace to their global internet access initiative, It is expected that Facebook will use Titan Aerospace’s solar powered drones to orbit areas currently devoid of internet connection. The potential acquisition is a direct response to Google’s own Project Loon, which aims to provide connectivity with hot air balloons.

Apple Reportedly Integrating Third-party Apps to Enhance Siri’s Search Capabilities
Apple is working to expand Siri’s utility beyond text messages and scheduling through the integration of third party apps. Pulling in outside applications would allow Siri to behave like a personal assistant through fulfilling daily tasks like booking reservations. Google is also ramping up its personal assistant offering, Google Now, with seamless integration of outside applications.

Getty Opens Up Digital Library for Twitter, Tumblr and Blogs
Getty Images announced the rollout of embedding options on 35 million photos within its digital library. The company has long had to battle illegal use of their proprietary images. Now each image, emblazoned with a Getty logo and the photographer’s name, will be readily available to socially share. Through their PicScout technology, Getty can track each image – potentially creating monetization opportunities for themselves around that data.

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