News You Can Use – March 21, 2014

March 21, 2014Yahoo Enhances Brand Storytelling with Motion Ads
Kraft debuts Yahoo’s new motion ad format. The images within the ad are aligned with subtle animation features to increase viewer engagement. The format is now available for Yahoo’s homepage billboard ad and within their vertical category homepages.

Facebook’s Facial Recognition Property is Just as Good at Distinguishing Faces as We Are
Facebook’s facial recognition algorithm, DeepFace, is now at a 97.25 % accuracy. To enhance the program so that it is on par with human recognition, Facebook’s developers now create rotating 3D models of faces within images. As of right now the project has not been implemented into Facebook’s live platform, however it has the potential to streamline the network’s future automation capabilities.

Don’t Have Time To Read The News? Tribune Co.’s Newsbeat Robot Will Read it to You
Newsbeat, a personalized app from Tribune Co., just launched on Android and iOS 7 to help you consume relevant news stories. The company recognizes that more people are not taking the time to read on or offline publications, so they are joining the news disruption movement. Newsbeat, aimed specifically at commuters, allows users to customize content in advance to maintain relevance.

Are @ and # Tags Symbols of Twitter’s Past?
Twitter is attempting to move into an era that pushes content rather than structure. The platform’s head of news, Vivian Schiller recently tweeted about the company’s interest in progressing to a more intuitive platform. Although it’s still speculation, the elimination of @ mentions and #s may be integral to their evolution, which will certainly alter social marketing strategies.

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