A Delicate Balance

Dividing resources, time and, not to mention budget, between all the new ad types out there is something that’s constantly being discussed at every level. Testing a variety of scenarios is by the far the best answer, but we live in an impatient world, so here are some ideas based on logic and proven best practices for dividing and conquering more of the ‘prospective’ angle in Paid Search. For very specific product level keywords, the majority of the time a PLA is going to win over a text ad. Time invested into product level ad groups, keyword builds, and ad copy has many other efficient uses these days. Broader and more general category level keywords that perhaps might have had a lower return in the past (up against product specific – long tail keywords) are going to prove more valuable for text ads as this year continues. In most situations it’s best to give the prospective customer options using the ability to provide a category or subcategory level landing page experience. The benefit of using a pre-selected landing page here is ultimately so that we aren’t limiting any purchasing options upon entering the site. In this case, text ads win – PLA’s will only land on product level pages that correspond with the product image and information that shows up in the ad (makes sense). Outside of optimizing your PLA program – which includes data feed work too – testing landing pages and ad copy on general terms is key to effectively growing a program.

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