Native or Relevant: What Matters More for Branded Content?

Native ads dominated advertising talk in 2013 and now represent the new normal; although brands and platforms have been engaging in sponsored content for quite some time, the Sochi Games have served as the perfect global launching to affect this strategy across every channel and in front of every audience. Athletes, with their vast social followings, are the latest influencers to be tapped by brands to facilitate sponsored content across social platforms. Athletes, like U.S. Figure Skater Gracie Gold, have been documented tweeting on behalf of brands looking to insert themselves into the engagement frenzy that is surrounding the Olympics.


Native Mobile’s latest piece Stealthy Native Ads Have Been Around for Years takes a closer look at the advent of sponsored tweets and the endless question of relevancy that surround sponsored content.

Brands are still getting their feet wet in the sponsored content space and experimenting with both platforms and influencers. However, companies will likely come to find that they will lose engagement ground if the content is irrelevant, as irrelevant content adheres with the inherent concept of native advertising.

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