Product Ads in Amazon Marketplace

You may have noticed some new changes in Amazon Marketplace. The CSE recently added product ads, sorted by total cost, to their offer listing pages. While these ads have actually been sporadically appearing next to Marketplace ads for a few months, Amazon is now signifying that these ads will be a regular staple within Marketplace. The updates to product ads in Marketplace include:

  •  Amazon Product Ads may now be displayed next to Amazon Marketplace ads in the offer listing pages. From the product listing, you can click on “new” or “used” under “More Buying Choices” and see the list of merchants selling that product. What does this mean for brands? Increase exposure/more volume and, hopefully, more sales.
  • Listings will be displayed in order based on price and shipping cost (i.e. lowest price first). Products without a shipping cost will appear at the bottom of the list.

Additionally, Amazon offered some optimization tips to help advertisers enhance their products’ performances within these new placements, including daily submission of feeds and accurate product availability

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