Content and Conversations: PM Digital Welcomes Valeria Maltoni

2014 has already been deemed the year of content marketing, and as an agency, we’re eager to help all of our clients get on board. Recently there has been a myriad of industry publications commenting on brands acting as publishers, and companies can no longer afford to ignore this new, and now imperative, trend. The implementation of original articles, blogs and media not only resonates with consumers, but also increases visibility through enhanced SEO rankings. The addition of Valeria Maltoni, as Vice President, Digital Strategy opens opportunities for current and prospective clients to develop original and effective discovery and engagement strategies. As an industry authority for all things social and content marketing, Valeria’s voice and expertise offers clients impactful insight and proactive strategies as they look to achieve heightened levels of customer interaction with content as their means.

ValeriaMaltoni_VP Digital Strategy

Valeria has vast experience consulting and delivering digital and social brand strategies to a variety of Fortune 500 and fast growth organizations including Target, Allstate, and Anheuser-Busch and SunGard, in addition to her direct experience in financial and advisory services, technology, and beauty and style brands. Additionally, Valeria expounds her marketing expertise through her personal and top ranking, blog, Conversation Agent.

Her vast knowledge of the industry, and the expansive reach of Conversation Agent, has made Valeria a sought after keynote speaker. With speaking engagements at prolific industry events, including, SxSW Interactive and International CES, Valeria continuously offers her insights into the current state of digital marketing, as well as solutions as to how brands can proactively manage their identity, build brand value by connecting with their customers in a continuously evolving environment.

With Valeria at the helm, we’re excited to help our clients develop strategic, long term content marketing plans to further enhance engagement with current and potential customers.

Be sure to check out Conversation Agent for more insights from Valeria.

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