WWD Digital Forum 2014

The annual WWD  Digital Forum in Los Angeles brings together some of the most creative minds in ecommerce retail. From brand managers to bloggers, the forum offers varied insights into the state [...]

Product Ads in Amazon Marketplace

You may have noticed some new changes in Amazon Marketplace. The CSE recently added product ads, sorted by total cost, to their offer listing pages. While these ads have actually been [...]

Waking Up SEO for 2014

2013 was a year of complete upheaval for SEO. From the introduction of Hummingbird to encrypted search terms, marketers were forced to grapple with a dynamic, continuously changing environment. [...]

#JetBlue: Fliers and Mobile First

The era of luxury airline travel is long gone; as more people began to take to the “friendly” skies and more airlines struggled to retain profits, we were all forced to concede that travel is no [...]