‘Tis the Season: Time to Name Another Day – Surprise Tuesday!

Like every year, Cyber Monday proved to be a huge revenue day for PM Digital retail clients… but the day after became Surprise Tuesday in terms of YoY growth and overall efficiency. PM Digital clients realized 62% revenue growth while increasing their costs only 37%.  Even with impressions being down 17%, clients generated 30% more in clicks with improvements in CTRs of over 55%.  This, coupled with a much stronger conversion rate (29% YoY), helped fuel large growth in orders and revenue. We also continue to benefit from lower than expected increases in CPCs YoY.

The end result: a 21% improvement in ROI.

Similar to our Black Friday observations where we saw a volume shift from Black Friday to Thanksgiving, we believe many of our retail clients are also seeing a shift in orders being pushed into what we are now coining Surprise Tuesday.

Key strategic take-a-way: leverage your delayed conversion and path data to better understand if your earlier spend is resulting in stronger conversions later. This is what we believe to be the success behind Surprise Tuesday.  PM Digital retail clients were spending more on the previous notable days (Black Friday & Cyber Monday) with conversions taking place on Tuesday: Surprise!


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