Holiday SEM Tips- Week 3

With Cyber Monday and Surprise Tuesday YOY growth, we’re excited about the larger role ecommerce is playing during this holiday season.  Before we move into week 4, we’ve rounded up our lists of recent insights from our search leaders to help you navigate through budget considerations and website optimizations for the remainder of the shopping season.

Tip #8: Take the time to revisit your budget allocations on a consistent basis throughout this shopping season. Continuously keeping budgets top of mind will ensure that they don’t go stale or max out of the daily Google budget.

Tip #9: Generally, PLA generated traffic costs 1/10th of text-driven ad traffic . Consider pausing your text campaigns this season to save holiday budget dollars if text ads are resulting in similar conversion rates or AOVs as your PLAs.

Tip # 10: Did you know 1 in 3 shoppers prefer to reference their smartphones before asking a store employee for help? Optimizing your brand’s mobile experience ensures potential customers will easily find products, prices and answers to their questions.

Tip # 11: Don’t forget about your website experience. Convincing potential buyers to click through to your website does not mean anything if you site has a long loading time and lacks an intuitive, user-friendly layout.

Tip # 12: Prepare for showrooming. 37% of shoppers make their final purchases on smartphones and tablets after visiting stores in-person. Running cross-channel promotional campaigns with similar messaging on & offline streamlines the shopping experience & can increase your AOVs.

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