Holiday SEM Tips – Week 5

Although there is still time to snatch up last minute gifts,  the holiday shopping season is drawing to a close. We hope you have found our daily SEM tips and tricks to be beneficial to your campaigns. Though our list of SEM tips are catered toward this season, these insights offered from our search leaders are still applicable beyond December 25. As you begin to look ahead to the New Year, we hope you’ll revisit some of our tweets and round ups to help you optimize your 2014 search campaigns.

Tip #18: Consider Pinterest as an alternate product feed. Throughout this shopping season people will be logging on to Pinterest for gift-giving inspiration and optimizing your Pinterest presence might capture the   attention of shoppers searching through broad product categories.

Tip #19: Cater your search ads to your mobile audience: within Enhanced Campaigns, you can set unique mobile copy and descriptions to target your on-the-go consumers.

Tip #20:  It’s easy to write off less popular items in favor of feature holiday products in your merchant feed. However, including products with less competition from other vendors might drive your ROI.

Tip #21: Although online and mobile transactions will dominate Holiday 2013, bricks-and-mortar locations will also play a pivotal role, especially for last minute shoppers.  Utilize geo-targeting and location extensions within your search ads to drive traffic in store.

Tip #22:  Consistency is key in your merchant feed. Take the time to eliminate special characters and replace unique color names with generic terms to achieve a uniform feed.

Happy Searching!


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