Strong Start to Holiday Weekend

With the focus on stores opening earlier than ever on Thanksgiving this year, it’s easy to forget that Thanksgiving has increasingly become a big online shopping day too. For all those shoppers [...]

Holiday SEM Tips – Week 2

Now that the biggest shopping day of the year is well underway, we’ve rounded up our list of recent insights from our search leaders to help you navigate through the  keywords, remarketing and [...]

Holiday SEM Tips

Rising CPCs, mobile devices, responsive websites, showrooming, remarketing…there’s a lot to consider as your prepare your digital campaigns for the merriest, and most crucial, time of [...]

Enhanced Insights in Analytics

Targeting is now the name of the game, and the recent enhancements to Google Analytics help brands develop a comprehensive understanding of their customer bases, an understanding that can [...]

Five Reasons Why Google+ Matters

While Google+ has gotten a bit more attention from search marketers lately, my experience is that it is thought of by brands (at best) as a secondary priority behind social networks like [...]