Hurricane Sandy Anniversary: A Look at the Storm’s Effect on Your Campaigns One Year Later

For many on the east coast Halloween was “canceled” last year. One year later and some communities are still picking up the pieces Hurricane Sandy left in its wake. Classified as the second costliest Hurricane in American history (behind only Katrina), Hurricane Sandy racked up a damages bill of over $65 billion.

sandy_2In addition to the enormous losses incurred on a personal level, brands also suffered. Normally high-converting geographic regions were impacted and not shopping online, in addition to some distribution centers being down, and a loss of consumer interest in searching for, or purchasing merchandise impacted clients’ ecommerce results this week in 2012. Some brands may notice significant traffic and sales growth this week and next week on their sites. This will make for some nice weeks to report on, but it’s important to remember that the effects of Hurricane Sandy one year ago have naturally inflated YOY returns now. As we head into the holiday season, remember to set necessary expectations for what could be called some early holiday season growth. You can visit The National Retail Federation for a complete rundown of holiday sales projections through their annual forecast.


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