PM Digital at directXchange by NEMOA: Shoot the Curl of Social Media by Getting the Buy-In You Need

Clay Cazier, VP of Search Strategy at PM Digital, was a featured discussion leader at today’s directXchange by NEMOA Catch a Wave conference. His engagement explored the ways in which marketers should evaluate and defend social media efforts.

By now, most companies understand that utilizing social media channels is necessary to driving customer engagement and building steadfast customer relationships. However, social media is still an intangible element within overall marketing schemes. 86% of marketers say social media is important to their business but only 23% are able to measure social’s ROI. Defining customer personas is the key to developing an engaging relationship with audiences. Knowing your customer, as well as the variances between channels and behaviors within channels, is the initial step marketers must take toward successfully implementing a measurable approach to social media.

If you are interested in viewing Clay’s complete presentation on social media buy-ins and measurement, please contact Marion Sharkey at

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