Is Yahoo! Having The Best Week Ever?

Three reasons to pay attention to Yahoo! right now:

1. Tumblr Purchase: There are lots of opinions on this one already – I spent half the day reading the arguments on why it’s a bad idea. But making Yahoo! relevant, innovative, and/or cool seems very important, so this feels like a step in the right direction.

2. Yahoo! Stream Ads: A few weeks ago Yahoo! launched a new ad format that is imbedded in their news stream on the Yahoo! home page – sold on CPC so far! PM Digital has been allowed to test the program with a handful of clients and so far so good – click thru rates are low, but conversion is fine so the ROI works. Sample of the ad format and presentation is below (Hair Color For Women ad):









3. PLAs on Bing: The beta is small – only 4% of traffic seeing PLAs so far, but just knowing they are coming is exciting. There’s no reason performance on Bing’s PLAs should be that far off from Google’s, and conversion rates on Google’s PLAs are fantastic! Screen shot of PLAs on Bing, directly from Yahoo!, is below:



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