Facebook’s News Feed Updates

Facebook’s gradual unveiling of its new single-column News Feed emphasizes the power of visuals and the opportunity brands have to take advantage of this power. Pre-News Feed rollout, 50% of Facebook’s content was completely visual, and the updated newsfeed capitalizes on visual messaging’s prowess. These updates, including visually emphasized stories, News Feed filters and platform consistency, provide a sleeker and more engaging Facebook experience. The company predicts users will respond positively to these design enhancements, as studies suggest that 40% of people demonstrate more proactive responses to visual content than plain text. Although all users will benefit from a visually stimulating Facebook, these Newsfeed updates provide a particularly considerable opportunity for brands looking to increase their social presence.

Through the company’s News Feed makeover, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, sets his sights on producing “the best personalized newspaper in the world.” Enhanced and enlarged photos feature prominently on the new News Feed, which translates across desktop, tablet and mobile devices. The upgraded News Feed also allows users to select filters including ‘most recent,’ ‘photos only,’ and ‘following’ for brands and public figures; applying these filters places power in the hands of the users who can determine what kind of visual content they want to consume.

Although the enhanced News Feed rollout is gradual, it is necessary to take the next step in considering how these additives can positively affect your brand’s social footprint. An agency with a social media team experienced in optimizing Facebook page content and structure with the intent of gaining fans and expanding brand presence is vital to administering these new enhancements on your brand’s page. Some significant advantages to working with an agency with these capabilities include:

  • Strategic Design: New filters and more visual posts create more opportunities for your brand to connect with new fans and potential customers. Now, when someone likes your page, their friends will see the ‘Like’ in their newsfeed with your page’s default and cover photo. Strategizing with a social agency will ensure that your page is filled with relevant visual content that will generate likes and subsequently expand your page’s reach to new audiences in Facebook. An agency with social and creative experience is also imperative for developing custom visual content for your brand. Gone are the days when brands could achieve relevance as well as differentiation with stock images plucked from a catalog. The increased demands of brand authenticity, and earning the trust of advocates through visual engagement, can only be achieved if the imagery is truly crafted, copyrighted and owned by the brand. Facebook’s News Feed roll out challenges brands to accommodate the growing importance of custom photography and video footage as we move toward an even more visually oriented culture and social environment.
  • Page Management: Facebook’s reformed News Feed is designed to organically increase engagement, however, this new shift to increased imagery may require a slight change in the Facebook management practices you have developed. To stay current with News Feed changes, copy must be supplementary to images, and posting in conjunction with other social sites, like Pinterest, is paramount to achieving visual engagement and generating brand traffic. Social experts within an agency are committed to maintaining your page to guarantee that your content falls in line with the new Facebook standards that indicate visuals as the key to brand success.
  • Content Strategy: Facebook’s new News Feed demands a change from a written, text heavy content strategy to one of visual content that should include a variety of media formats — from photos to videos to infographics — all of which are unique to the brand and spark engagement. A creative and social agency is prepared to implement this shift in content methodology to guarantee that your brand’s social plan follows these new visual content guidelines.


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