Tapping Creativity to Solve Marketing Challenges

Intimate conversations that showcase the power of creativity and its critical role in addressing and solving problems across the marketing landscape.
With explorations in art, music, business and technology – recorded live at PMX Agency’s New York City Headquarters

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Episode 3 – Sheryl Clark, Boston Proper

In world of limitless choice, the power to stand out comes from a brand’s authenticity and its ability to continually inspire audiences. In episode 3 of Creative Spaces, we are joined by Boston Proper CEO, Sheryl Clark, as she discusses her personal and professional journey in the world of fashion, and the brand’s path to embrace and empower the Boston Proper woman. Sheryl also shares her journey as a leader, emphasizing the importance of creative freedom and expression in teams, listening and collaboration, and a certain fearlessness that allows bold and breakthrough ideas to come to fruition. Listen to the full podcast of Episode 3 here.