2015: The Year of Cyber Black Friday

It’s official: they’d rather just stay home, if given the option. With multiple media outlets reporting in-store traffic down on Black Friday, and stores like Target and Walmart offering the same [...]

Where is Jet.com’s Product Focus?

Over the past few months we’ve watched startup, Jet.com’s, efforts to bring a more compelling alternative to the ecommerce landscape. What we can say with confidence right now is that Jet’s value [...]

What’s Going On at Jet.com?

Whenever a flashy, young, ‘disruptive’ force makes its way onto the scene, it’s natural to experience some feelings of unease (particularly when an ecommerce vet is in the driver’s seat). That’s [...]

The Buy Button is Coming

With Google confirming that the Google buy button is, in fact, ‘imminent’, the retail and advertising communities have responded with mixed emotions – and now, so will I. Let’s first lay out how [...]

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